Tropical and Exotic Plants and ferns

Tropical and Exotic Plants

In addition to their specialty palms and ti’s, Yamashita Nursery has an excellent selection of crotons, ferns, and other exotic tropical plants to complete your landscaping project.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll either bring it in for you or tell you the best place to buy it.

A few of the popular & unusual tropical plants available at Yamashita Nursery


Crotons are easy to grow and will add a spectacular splash of color wherever you need it. We have many varieties including Indian Blanket, Petra, Mammy, Zanzibar, Gold Dust and Thai Strap. They can easily grow to 5 to 6 feet, and we’ve even seen older plants grow to more than 10 feet tall. They don’t mind being trimmed to whatever height you want, and can make a beautiful hedge as well as an accent plant. Crotons will do well indoors, although their colors are not as brilliant as those grown outside.

Spider LilySpider Lily

This hearty lily is happy to live near the beach, and tolerates salty winds amazingly well. Spider lilies prefer full sun, but will tolerate partial shade. It is an attractive plant that grows to about five feet tall. Clusters of 20 or more white flowers rise above the leaves on a single tall stem. The flowers can be cut and used for arrangements.


Noni is just one of several native Hawaiian plants available at Yamashita Nursery. Noni is a small, evergreen tree with beautiful glossy, deep green leaves and tiny white flowers. In ancient Hawaii, Noni was used to make red and yellow dye for tapa. It also had many medicinal uses.