Ti Plants from Yamashita Nursery

Ti Plants

Ti (Cordyline) is a popular ornamental landscape plant in Hawaii gardens. Yamashita Nursery has literally hundreds of varieties available… including many rare and hard to find hybrids. Ti plants (pronounced the same as Tea) are not related to the tea plants that are used to make Britain’s favorite beverage.

Ti is often planted near homes to bring good luck. It is easy to keep healthy and it comes in many beautiful varieties. Some are so colorful that they can easily take the place of flowers in a garden or lanai.

Ti plant was first brought to Hawaii by Polynesian settlers. Its leaves were used to wrap and store food (think Lau Lau) and also to thatch roofs of houses. In ancient Hawaii, ti was believed to have great spiritual power, and it is still used ceremonially in traditional blessings.

A few of the popular & unusual ti plants available at Yamashita Nursery

LilinoeLilinoe Ti

This stunning bronze-red ti is large, showy and very hardy. It loves full sun where it will achieve its brightest color. One of the most popular varieties used in Hawaiian gardens. It looks great mixed with palms in border plantings.

Waihee RainbowWaihee Rainbow Ti

Are you looking for something really special? Waihee Rainbow is a very rare and spectacular variety of ti. The leaves on a single plant change from green to pale yellow to pink to deep dusty green. We have just a few available, please inquire.

2x9-1995Green with Pink Edging Ti

This beautiful wide-leafed ti variety is happy growing in a shaded area of your garden. Ti leaves can be cut and used as greenery in your flower arrangements. Pair colorful ti leaves with heliconia or ginger flowers, whose leaves do not last when cut, for dramatic and long-standing tropicalĀ arrangements.

IMG_2005Fire Fountain Ti

The pinky-red tips that blend to green of the leaves of this distinctive ti make it a favorite for landscapers. Some ti varieties thrive in the sun, others need shade. Be sure to talk to our ti experts for advice on which ti varieties will be happiest in your garden.